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It’s incredible how many options those of us who need vision correction have at our disposal these days. For the brave, there are surgical procedures like LASIK and intraocular lenses. For the traditionalists, there are wavefront, progressive and low-glare eyeglasses. For those of us who’ve chosen a middle path and opted for contacts, there are even more choices still. To make things even better for contact wearers, modern materials are more comfortable than they’ve ever been before. Of course, the increased comfort can be something of a double-edge sword. If you don’t really notice that you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s a lot harder to remember to take them out and clean them when you’re supposed to. Although this may not seem like a big deal, we here at your local Gilbert optometrist practice, San Tan EyeCare, would like to remind you of the risks.

Contact Lenses Upper ManhattanDepending on the type of contact lenses you were prescribed by our Gilbert optometrist at San Tan EyeCare, you’ll have to adhere to a different regime of removal and cleaning. Some contacts are supposed to be worn once, then thrown away. Others you keep around for a long time but take out each night before bed for soaking in solution. Still others are specially-designed to be worn multiple days consecutively. Whatever category your lenses fall into, it’s extremely important to follow the care instructions closely. Otherwise, debris and pathogens can get caught between your lenses and your corneas and lead to infection, which is really no fun at all.

But if you do happen to wake up some morning with a red, puffy and/or crusty eye, there’s no need to panic. Eye infections are generally treated pretty easily. What’s important is that you seek professional medical advise from our Gilbert optometrist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse off you’ll be. You’ll also be putting those around you at a higher risk for getting infected themselves. So as soon as you notice symptoms, take out those contacts if you haven’t already, put on your old glasses and give San Tan EyeCare a call.

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