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Pediatric eye doctor in Chandler

Kids eye exams

Pediatric eye doctor in Chandler

Pediatric eye doctor in Chandler

As a new parent, there are few aspects of life more exciting than the first experiences your young son or daughter embraces in these crucial years of life. However, not all firsts are so easily remembered or recorded. While parents are often at the ready to book medical appointments for dietary check-ups and vaccinations, children have other needs that can fall to the wayside in some cases. Eye care is essential in these first few years of life in order to insure vision grows up healthy and strong. Fortunately, you can always find the care your family needs with eye care from your local pediatric eye doctor in Chandler at the esteemed offices of San Tan Eye Care.

Professional optical care in the early years of a child’s life is an essential part of overall health care, no matter what your vision history or how healthy you believe your son or daughter to be. While most vision problems are simple enough to be diagnosed and treated with corrective optical wear, your child can also develop dangerous and destructive vision problems which can cause serious harm to young eyes at an early age before they even begin schooling. For these reasons, your son or daughter should be booked an appointment with your local pediatric eye doctor in Chandler no later than six months of age.

By the time they reach six months old, your child will begin to show the first signs and symptoms which can indicate optical diseases and illnesses. These symptoms will not show under the naked eye, but they can be seen under the careful eye of your pediatric eye doctor in Chandler through the use of the latest advances in optical technology. Your doctor understands that childhood eye care is not an expense which everyone can afford, and as such works to bring professional eye care to more patients than ever before with InfantSEE. InfantSEE is a program which helps parents to find the financial aid they need to care for their child’s growing eyes. Vision exams starting at six months of age that begin no later than three years old work to diagnose destructive vision problems before they can cause harm to your child’s eyes or disrupt their education.

For the very best in optical care for your new family members, be sure to book your family’s next appointment with your neighborhood pediatric eye doctor in Chandler at the state of the art practice of San Tan Eye Care. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community with the latest advances in optical technology and procedure.

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