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Frameless Glasses in Gilbert

Eyeglasses in Gilbert

Frameless Glasses in Gilbert

Frameless Glasses in Gilbert

Are you tired of your standard eyeglasses failing to meet your needs? Or do you believe the current state of your lenses to be holding you back in the type of vision wear you are allowed to purchase in order to properly treat your optical condition? Believe it or not, visual clarity comes down to much more than an exacting ophthalmic lenses prescription. The material of your eyeglass lenses can make a world of difference in both your vision and the style of your ophthalmic frames. You can find the perfect pair for you with lightweight frameless glasses in Gilbert at the welcoming offices of the San Tan Eye Care.

If you suffer from high levels of nearsightedness, also known as myopia, or have lived with astigmatism your entire life, you can often feel limited by your prescription in the types of eyeglasses you can wear. The more severe the vision problem, or the higher the number on your prescription, the thicker your lenses will need to be in order to help your see clearly. With standard eyeglass lenses, this can cause the lens to become very thick and even heavy, which is often too much for a pair of eyeglasses without frames to support. However, with state of the art high index lenses, you can enjoy the frameless glasses in Gilbert you have been longing for.

High index is a revolutionary material that allows patients to enjoy the vision correction they want, without the heavy lenses they don’t. Made from a special type of plastic, high index lenses are able to made to correct vision problems at half the thickness of standard eyeglasses, all while providing increased optical clarity over standard lenses. Not only does this make the lens lighter and easier to wear, but it also allows patients to experiment with many different styles of glasses that would otherwise be unavailable to them. High index lenses can be made in any style patients need, from special toric lenses for astigmatism to progressive lenses for the treatment of presbyopia in addition to other vision problems. With high index lenses, patients can enjoy beautiful and weightless frameless glasses in Gilbert for a nearly invisible method of optical correction.

For the very best in frameless glasses in Gilbert, be sure to visit the experts at the state of the art offices of San Tan Eye Care. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 30 years with the latest advancements in optical technology and procedure to care for the many needs of patients of all ages. With high index lenses from San Tan Eye Care, you can enjoy increased comfort and visual clarity with a pair of frames you will truly love to show off.

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