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Chandler Optometrist

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Chandler optometrist

Chandler optometrist

Having some sort of vision impairment is not at all an uncommon thing. In fact, millions of people of some kind of vision problem that they need to make up for with the use of prescription lenses. Many people at least have a pair of glasses that they wear in order to see clearly, but if you want to add contact lenses to your arsenal of vision correction tools then you will also need to have a contact lens exam. Here at San Tan Eye Associates our Chandler optometrist can help you get the lenses that you want with the right exams and fittings before providing you with the set of prescription contact lenses that work best for you.

If you already wear prescription eyeglasses then you might think that in order to get contacts that you can simply apply your optical prescription to a set of contact lenses but that is not the case. Glasses and contacts work similarly when it comes to providing eyes with better vision but they do so in slightly different ways. Because contact lenses rest directly on your eyes, it is important that your eyes are first healthy enough to wear lenses on a regular basis without any issues. Some eye conditions may prevent you from wearing contacts at all, such as dry eye syndrome, some eye allergies or corneal scars or ulcers. Once your eyes are given the OK, our Chandler optometrist will need to determine what your prescription needs are. Because contacts rest directly over the cornea, sometimes they do not need to be as strong as glasses and may differ slightly in prescription strength. Once that is done with, they will also measure the curvature of your eye in order to ensure that your lenses fit correctly. When your exam is complete, we will conduct your contact lens fitting here at San Tan Eye Associates. This portion of the exam
will familiarize you with all of the different kinds of contacts there are and help you come to a decision. You will also learn how to safely insert, remove and care for your contacts on a regular basis.

If you are in need of any vision care, come on by San Tan Eye Associates to get the services that you require. Our Chandler optometrist can help provide you with the contact lens exam and fitting that you will need before getting your set of prescription contacts lenses.

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