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Eye Doctor near Chandler

Glaucoma in Chandler

Eye doctor near Chandler

Eye doctor near Chandler

There are many eye diseases which have no obvious symptoms in the early stages. Glaucoma is one such disease which many patients do not even realize that they have it. In order to make sure that your eyes are in excellent health, you should visit us at San Tan Eye Care. Our eye doctor near Chandler, Dr. Jack Hostetler or Dr. Jonathan Wold, will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether or not you have any eye diseases.

Glaucoma is a collective name for a series of eye diseases that affect the optic nerve. If left untreated, glaucoma will cause vision loss. Glaucoma causes high pressure inside your eye, which usually, but not always causes the eye damage. If diagnosed in its early stages, before symptoms are present, glaucoma can usually be treated with medicated eye drops. However, if glaucoma is left undiagnosed, it can go on to cause permanent vision damage. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the US. Glaucoma can onset so gradually that the patient does not even notice vision problems until the disease is in an advanced stage. Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma, and is only noticed by patients when they have gradual vision loss. Treatment for glaucoma generally concentrates on stopping additional vision loss. When you have a comprehensive eye exam at our office, your eyes’ intraocular pressure will be tested to determine if you have glaucoma. Additional testing may be needed for a definitive diagnosis. Some symptoms of glaucoma can include: seeing halos around lights; vision loss; unexplained redness in the eyes; unexplained nausea; eye pain; or narrowed vision. When our optometrist views your optic nerve, if you have glaucoma it will have a telltale appearance. Our eye doctor near Chandler should be seen for a yearly eye exam, or in some cases more frequently, to make sure that your eyes are staying healthy.

For an appointment to meet with our eye doctor near Chandler for glaucoma testing, or glaucoma management, contact us today.

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