Chandler AZ Eye Care Center

Eye testing in Chandler AZ

Chandler AZ eye care center

Chandler AZ eye care center

At San Tan Eye Care, our Chandler AZ eye care center performs eye testing for patients in a relaxing and professional atmosphere. Patients are treated to our top notch service and equipment, while they wait in a relaxing and friendly waiting room. Eye testing is done for most patients annually, unless you have eye disease or require a specialized eye exam. We recommend patients with eyeglasses to come in for an exam every year to check their prescriptions, and for contact lenses, an annual exam.

Eye testing is done on site and by our knowledgeable optometrist. We check the eyes for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases that can cause a loss of vision. If you need glasses or contacts, we will perform a refraction for glasses or a contact lens exam. The eyes need to be fitted specially for each type of corrective lens. Frames must be fitted to the face and to adhere to the type and size of lenses being used, and the shape and size of the eye must be measured to fit contact lenses. Our Chandler AS eye care center can tell you more about how our exams work, and schedule appointments for you and your family!

Eye testing is imperative to keeping eyes healthy and clear. We recommend coming in annually, or, if you suffer from glaucoma, diabetic eyes or cataracts, as needed to check eyes. Any changes in vision should warrant a trip to our Chandler AZ eye care center, in case a change in prescription is needed or an eye disease is beginning to start. Some eye diseases don’t have any symptoms except for very slight vision loss, so slight that the patient may not even notice that anything is wrong. In these cases it’s best to find the disease early on.

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