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It’s important that you pay attention to your eye health every single day. The way that your eyes look, feel, and the overall quality of your eyesight can all give you information regarding how healthy your eyes are. Any certain symptoms, changes in the quality of your eyesight, or other side effects should be taken seriously and looked at by a professional as soon as possible. You may very well have an eye infection, and the sooner you have a treated the better. If you have noticed any signs or symptoms relating to infections, you can visit our Chandler eye doctor here at San Tan Eye Care.

There are many reasons why you should see your eye doctor. For one, you should have an annual exam no matter what kind of symptoms you are or aren’t experiencing. Mini eye diseases do not have any obvious symptoms associated with them until vision damage or vision loss already begin to occur. Otherwise, it’s important to pay attention to symptoms that you experience regularly in order to determine whether you have allergies, or even an eye infection. While eye allergies should certainly receive treatment, infections to be treated immediately. Two of the most common types of eye infections include conjunctivitis and keratitis. Conjunctivitis is perhaps more commonly known as pinkeye and is associated with itchiness, irritation, discharge, swelling, and of course the discoloration of the eyes. This is a bacterial infection that needs special medicated drops to treats, but other treatments may be needed depending on the case. Here at San Tan Eye Care our Chandler eye doctor can also treat keratitis, which is an inflammation of the cornea, or the clear tissue just over the pupil.

It’s important that I infections are taken seriously and treated as soon as possible. You can avoid long lasting damage and protect your eye health by getting the care you need. If you have any problems or if you believe you have an eye infection, please visit our Chandler eye doctor here at San Tan Eye Care today.

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