Chandler eye doctor office

Chandler Eye Doctor Office

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If you have an eye emergency or eye trauma you should contact us at our vision practice, San Tan Eye Care. At our Chandler eye doctor office, one of our expert and highly trained best optometrists, Dr. Jack Hostetler or Dr. Jonathan Wold, will provide you with the very finest emergency eye care.

If you have any type of injury to your eye, it is important that you come in to see our eye doctor immediately at our Chandler eye doctor office. We hope you will contact our office and let our staff know that you have suffered eye trauma, or have an eye emergency and need an immediate appointment with one of our eye doctors. Many times eye injuries can occur during sports participation. Some high risk sports can include baseball, football, or tennis. It is helpful to wear protective sports gear when playing these sports, but of course accidents do occur and it is important to have immediate care whenever there is eye trauma. Sometimes burns to the eye can occur when a person is working around chemicals, hot air, or steam. Tanning lamps electric hair dryers, or welding equipment can all cause burns as well. Sometimes the extent of a burn injury does not show up until almost a day later. But whenever your eyes are exposed to any type of burn, it is important that you call our office immediately so that you can receive instructions about what you should immediately do at home, and then come in to see our eye doctor. If you have eye pain, worsening vision, or have any signs of an eye infection, it is important that you make in immediate appointment to come in and see our eye doctor. If you have pus or discharge coming from your eye, or your eye is red and swollen, or you have an unexplained fever, you may have an eye infection that needs immediate treatment.

For an appointment to see our doctor at our Chandler eye doctor office, simply contact us.

2680 S Val Vista Dr #111
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 807-0288

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