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Eye Infections in Chandler

Chandler Eye Doctor
Chandler Eye Doctor

Whenever you think you may have an eye infection, it is important that you come to see us at San Tan Eye Care. Our Chandler eye doctor, just one of whom is Dr. Jack Hostetler, will be able to assess your eye situation and determine whether or not you have an eye infection that needs to be treated.

There are many different eye infections, and some eye infections, such as keratitis, can have several different causes. For example, a keratitis eye infection can be fungal or bacterial. Our Chandler eye doctor will be able to determine the precise cause of your eye problem and treat you accordingly. There are certain signs that you have an eye infection, and whenever you experience any of them it is important that you come into our vision practice for an immediate eye exam. This is because when the eye develops an infection, complications can develop quickly. Some signs that you may have an eye infection include: pain in the eye; a feeling that there is something in your eye that cannot be removed; an increased sensitivity to light; a yellow, green, or bloody discharge from the eye; excessive eye tearing; increased redness of the eyes; an increased redness of the eyelid; a gray or white sore on the iris; a fever with no obvious cause; or blurred or otherwise affected vision. Patients who wear contact lenses are particularly prone to developing eye infections. It is important that you always disinfected your contact lenses as instructed. You also want to make sure that your hands are freshly washed whenever you touch your eyes, or whatever you insert or remove your contact lenses from your eyes. Many young children come into our vision practice with conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an extremely contagious eye infection which children often pick up at daycare or at school. Eye infections can generally be treated easily as long as they are treated early.

For an appointment to come in to see our Chandler eye doctor on an immediate basis, contact us today and let our staff know the reason for your call.

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