Chandler Pediatric Optometrist

Children’s eye exams in Chandler

Chandler pediatric optometrist

Chandler pediatric optometrist

Here at San Tan Eye Care, we make your child’s experience with our Chandler pediatric optometrist a pleasant and comfortable one, with no reason for fear or worry. Aside from minimal stinging from the eye drops used to dilate his or her pupils, there is no discomfort, and certainly no pain to be concerned for. And with that out of the way, your child can have a thorough eye exam that will ensure that she or he can see as sharply and clearly as possible and attain a high level of eye wellness.

Our children’s eye exams are similar to the ones that are done for adults, which means that your child will be tested for up close, far away, intermediate, and side-to-side vision. If he or she is old enough to read, an eye chart will be used. If not, that isn’t a problem, because our Chandler pediatric optometrist will use the tumbling E game, in which a series of E’s are presented. Your child will just say which direction each is pointing in. Very easy and very effective. Some eye diseases are also common to children as well as adults, like glaucoma and cataracts. Because symptoms are not obvious in the early stages of such diseases, it is essential that testing be done yearly to make sure that any issues are detected before things can progress to a more advanced stage and lead to eye damage or vision loss. Other eye conditions are more applicable to children, including amblyopia (lazy eye) and drooping eyelid. Neither of these present any imminent danger, but there is the risk that if ignored they make become permanent situations.

If your child does need eyeglasses, we will fill the prescription to order right here for your convenience. For every aspect of your child’s optical well-being, you can count on our Chandler pediatric optometrist, so schedule your child’s exam today.

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