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Dry Eye Treatment in Chandler

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Have your eyes recently become irritated and scratchy? Are your eyes tearing excessively, or are you experiencing blurred vision? Any of these symptoms can mean that you have dry eye. Whenever you have any type of vision problem, it is important that you come to see one of our optometrists at San Tan Eye Care. There are many serious eye diseases which need to be treated early in order to prevent permanent vision damage. Dry eye is a condition which is relatively easy to treat, and which is very common, especially among older adults. However, if dry eye is left untreated, you can end up experiencing permanent cornea damage from constant irritation to the outer covering of your eye. This is why it is so important to get Chandler vision care that includes dry eye treatment.

At our optical practice, our two expert optometrists are Dr. Jack Hostetler and Dr. Jonathan Wold. Our optometrist will be able to give you a comprehensive exam and determine whether or not you have dry eye. If you do not have dry eye, they will be able to determine what the cause of your vision problem is. Our optometrists are able to treat many different types of vision problems, however, if you need advanced care such as laser surgery, they will be able to refer you to an expert ophthalmologist in the area. Dry eye is a condition which can be easily treated in most cases with medications. Dry eye occurs when a patient either has an insufficient amount of tears, or has tears which are not healthy enough to clean and nourish the eyes. Chandler vision care at our practice can easily correct the problem of dry eye for most patients.

Our optometrist will be able to prescribe prescription eye drops which will do an excellent job of nourishing your eyes. Your eyes may have some type of eye condition which is causing this dry eye, such as blepharitis. This condition too can be treated by our optometrists with prescription medicine. When this type of treatment is not effective, you may need to have a small procedure during which a tiny plug is inserted into your tear ducts. This will keep your tears from draining and will keep them in your eyes longer. In the most serious cases of dry eye, the patient may need to have surgery to permanently close the tear ducts. However, we do want to stress that the vast majority of cases of dry eye are easily treated with prescription eye drops which will soothe your eyes, and prevent any damage to the cornea. For an appointment to see our optometrist for expert Chandler vision care, contact us today.

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