Contact Lenses in Gilbert

Contact Lenses in Gilbert

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Contact Lens Exams and Fittings in Gilbert

If you need corrective lenses but don’t want to have to deal with eyeglasses, you might want to explore contact lenses in Gilbert as an alternative. You’ll need a special exam if you want to get contact lenses. Your first step is to see a professional optometrist like ours at San Tan Eye Care for a contact lens exam and fitting.

There are certain criteria that you’ll need to meet if you want to get contact lenses. Since contact lenses in Gilbert are worn inside the eye, you’ll need to be comfortable with placing them in and taking them out of your eyes. Also, you’ll need to have good overall eye health to qualify for them. A professional optometrist like ours at San Tan Eye Care will check your overall eye health by doing a comprehensive eye examination. This will help to determine if you’re a good candidate for them. If your eye doctor determines that you’re a contact lens candidate, you’ll discuss the different contact lens options, so you can decide on the best type for you. This decision will be based on many important factors. To meet your needs, the contact lenses you choose need to meet certain criteria. They need to: properly fit on the eye, be comfortable to wear, provide you with clear vision and match your lifestyle and personal preference. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to have a special exam called a contact lens exam and fitting. During the exam, your eye doctor will try different types of contacts until you find the right ones. She will do a contact lens fitting to ensure that the contacts you get fit properly and are also comfortable and meet all the necessary criteria. We have many contact lens options available to choose from at our practice. Some of your choices will be soft contacts, gas permeable, daily wear, extended wear, disposable and color changing contact lenses.

If you’re considering contact lenses in Gilbert, you should consult with our eye doctor. Contact our office to schedule your contact lens exam and fitting today.

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