Dry Eyes in Chandler

Dry Eyes and Winter weather in Chandler

Dry eyes in Chandler

Dry eyes in Chandler

As winter weather draws near, so does dry weather. With the cold, comes dry air, which may also leave people to turn on the heating indoors. Individuals with sensitive eyes may experience dry eye symptoms while outdoors as well is it indoors as a result. When it comes to dealing with dry eyes in Chandler, we here at San Tan Eye Care can provide you with the care that you need in order to combat dry eyes and winter weather at the same time.

For the most part, the cold air outdoors can make your eyes feel dry because of the general nature of winter weather. With little moisture in the air, you may experience difficulties keeping your eyes moist, thus irritating them and making them feel generally uncomfortable. It’s important that your eyes remain lubricated in order to keep them comfortable as well as to protect them from outside elements and particles that can cause irritation or injury. Your tears perform a very important task of keeping your eyes clean and free of outside irritants. This is why your eyes begin to tear excessively when you get something in them. This is your eyes way of trying to flush out irritants and particles, that’s protecting your eyes. Because of the dry winter weather, many people experience dry eyes outdoors, but many heating systems indoors can cause eye allergies and irritations as well. Here at San Tan Eye Care our eye specialists can provide patients with treatment for dry eyes in Chandler depending on the specific needs and preferences. Eyedrops, appointments, and other medications may be able to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes and the winter weather that causes it.

It’s important that you make sure that your eyes are properly lubricated and comfortable, not just for your own comfort but for your health as well. In order to counter the winter weather, please visit us here at San Tan Eye Care for the treatment you need to counter dry eyes in Chandler.

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