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Specialty Contact Lenses in Gilbert

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Specialty Contacts in Gilbert

Specialty Contact Lenses in Gilbert
Specialty Contact Lenses in Gilbert

San Tan Eye Care is your number one office for specialty contact lenses in Gilbert. Specialty contact lenses can include lenses such as progressives or color changing contacts. Call our offices today to find out more about our excellent services. We pride ourselves on treating each patient individually, and handling their eye care in a professional and caring manner. Patients are very happy with our offices and services. Check out our website for patient testimonials, as well as read more about the different services that we provide. Our offices are open Monday through Friday during convenient business hours to help you find an appointment that works for your schedule.

We also have regular contact lenses. The most common kind are soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are most commonly prescribed because they’re very comfortable and patients enjoy them. They’re not hard to use or put in the eyes. Patients can get used to soft contacts much easier than with hard lenses. Some patients have a hard time wearing contact lenses, due to the shape of their eye, or certain impairments. If you have hard to fit eyes, we can specialize your contact lens to fit your eye using a variety of different materials. Some patients who have issues such as dry eye, astigmatism, or corneal scarring or keratoconus may need specialty contact lenses in Gilbert.

Dry eyes may not mix well with contacts. Dry eyes can cause blurry vision, and chronic redness and itching. Symptoms can get worse with contact lenses. Properly cleaning contact lenses is the first step to wearing specialty contact lenses in Gilbert. Using the right cleansing solution, one that is recommended by your eye doctor, is the first step to wearing comfortable contacts. Some patients may also be better off wearing their lenses only on specific days or times of day.

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